Evo Stone

Evostone solid surfaces combine the elegance of natural stone with cost-effectiveness, making them an ideal choice for both commercial and residential applications. These slabs come pre-finished, install-ready, and can be easily customized without the need for expensive machinery​​. Evostone offers a 10-year limited warranty on all permanently installed products, showcasing their commitment to durability and quality​​.

Evostone surfaces are designed to withstand the daily rigors of use, making them a durable option for high-traffic areas​​. They are also non-porous, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as being hygienic due to their easy-to-clean nature​​​​. Additionally, these surfaces are heat resistant, providing an edge over other materials in the market​​, and waterproof, further enhancing their functionality in various settings​​.

The repairability of Evostone is noteworthy, with damages and scratches being fully repairable and polishable, maintaining the surface's aesthetics over time​​​​. Their seamless design capabilities offer an immense range of design options, allowing for greater creativity and flexibility in projects​​.

Evostone's features make it a versatile and practical choice, aligning with the needs of modern design while ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.

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