Frequently Asked Questions

What are acrylic solid surfaces?

Acrylic solid surfaces are a modern material choice for countertops and other applications, known for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. These surfaces are made from a blend of acrylic resins and natural minerals, offering a smooth, non-porous finish. This composition makes them highly resistant to stains, scratches, and bacteria, ensuring durability and hygiene. Unlike traditional materials like granite or laminate, acrylic solid surfaces provide seamless joins, allowing for fluid, continuous designs and custom shapes. Their non-porous nature also makes them easy to clean and maintain, adding to their practicality in both domestic and commercial settings.

Can I customise the design and color of my surface?

Yes, you can customise the design and color of your surface. At Evolution Tops North West, we work with top-tier manufacturers like Evostone and LG Hi-Macs to provide a wide array of color and design options. Each benchtop is custom-made based on the specific plans and drawings provided by our customers. This approach allows for a high degree of personalisation, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision and the unique requirements of your space, whether it's for a domestic or a commercial setting.

What makes your products eco-friendly and health-conscious?

Our products at Evolution Tops North West are eco-friendly and health-conscious due to their silica-free composition. Silica, commonly used in various construction materials, can lead to health issues like silicosis when inhaled. By omitting silica, our acrylic solid surfaces are safer for both the environment and the health of our customers and staff. This commitment to using health-conscious materials not only contributes to safer indoor air quality but also aligns with our dedication to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

How does the installation process work for your products?

The installation process for our products at Evolution Tops North West is tailored to meet your specific needs, with three options available:

  1. Supply Ex Factory: This option involves manufacturing the product according to your specifications and making it available for pickup directly from our factory.

  2. Supply & Deliver: We manufacture your custom product and then deliver it to your location, providing convenience and saving you the effort of transportation.

  3. Measure, Supply, and Install: Our comprehensive service where we take measurements at your site, manufacture the product, and then complete the installation, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

Do you provide after-sales support and warranty for your products?

Yes, we provide after-sales support and warranty for our products. Our website features detailed information on care and maintenance of your benchtop, helping you to preserve the quality and longevity of your surfaces. Additionally, our products come with excellent warranties provided by our manufacturers, such as Evostone and LG Hi-Macs. These warranties, also accessible on our website, offer peace of mind and assurance of quality, ensuring that you receive not only a superior product but also continued support and service long after your purchase.