LG Hi Macs

At Evolution Tops North West, we're proud to feature HI-MACS® by Laminex, a revolutionary product in the world of solid surfaces. HI-MACS® is an exquisite blend of acrylic, minerals, and natural pigments, creating a smooth, non-porous surface that's both visually stunning and thermoformable​

This innovative material is ideal for a variety of applications, from residential kitchens and bathrooms to commercial spaces like hospitals and hospitality settings.

What sets HI-MACS® apart is its extensive color range, offering 66 contemporary shades, including 36 new colors specifically curated for Australian design trends​.

HI-MACS® stands out for its seamless perfection. Its fabrication allows for large, continuous areas without visible joints or edges, creating a sleek and unified look​​. HI-MACS® sinks and basins are available, allowing for seamless integration with countertops for a flawless finish in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas​

The material's three-dimensional thermoforming capabilities are noteworthy. With a simple heating process, HI-MACS® can be molded into spectacular shapes and designs, offering greater flexibility than conventional materials. Its Ultra-Thermoforming formula enhances this capability, allowing for minimal internal radii as low as 6mm, opening up new dimensions in design​​.

Furthermore, certain colors and thicknesses of HI-MACS® exhibit a unique translucency when exposed to light, making it an excellent choice for creative lighting solutions and illuminated furnishings​.

In terms of processing, HI-MACS® combines the robustness of stone with the workability of wood. It can be easily sawn, routed, or drilled using standard carpentry tools, making it a practical choice for a wide range of applications​​.

Most importantly, HI-MACS® meets the highest standards in material performance, fabrication, functionality, and hygiene, making it a reliable choice for both commercial and residential applications​

At Evolution Tops North West, we leverage the exceptional qualities of HI-MACS® to bring your vision to life with products that are not only beautiful and functional but also align with the highest quality standards.

Collections & Colours

The Whites

Alpine White (S028)

Andromeda (T017)

Arctic Granite (G034)

Arctic White (S006)

Aurora Bianco (M606)

Aurora Cream (M607)

Aurora Pavia (M603)

Aurora Torano (M601)

Candy White (G235)

Chamomile (G135)

Corona (G110)

Diamond White (S034)

Gemini (VW01)

Ice Queen (W001)

Ispani (M428)

Ivory White (S029)

Perna White (P001)

Sand White (G194)

White Quartz (G004)

The Neutrals

Almond (S002)

Ancona (M423)

Cloud Concrete (G557)

Crystal Beige (G101)

Lunar Sand (G108)

Morning Calm (W021)

Sea Oat Quartz (G038)

Snow Concrete (G556)

The Darks

Aurora Sanremo (M605)

Black Pearl (G010)

Ebony Concrete (M553)

Intense Ultra Black (S922U)

Intense Ultra Dark Grey (S924U)

Perna Black (P004)

Whinstone (G115)

The Greys

Chic Concrete (M551)

Clay (G114)

Concrete Grey (S103)

Darjeeling (G136)

Intense Ultra Grey (S923U)

Moon Dust (W022)

Naples (N904)

Santa Ana (VA01)

Shadow Concrete (M552)

Steel Concrete (G555)

Steel Grey (S109)

Urban Concrete (G554)

The Translucents

Opal (S302)

Ruby (S304)


Banana (S026)

Black (S022)

Cream (S009)

Firey Red (S025)

Grey (S005)

Ligth Green (S212)

Mazarin Blue (S107)

Nougat Cream (S201)

Orange (S027)

Satin White (S001)

Suede (S121)